Automatic Falafel Forming Machine Fried Full Line


Stainless Steel body

PLC control system allowing ease of use

Full automatic falafel forming and frying with timer

Production Performance: 4 model frying time of 1,5minutes between 4000Times/Per Hour  to 8000Times/Per Hour

Smart counter system display

Half-fried and well-fried can adjust with time control

Falafel not falling directly into the oil tank

Oil heat indicator and temperature control

Automatic oil boiler turn on/off  system

Oil evacuation system with safety valve

Oil filtrating seperately in other tank

Quick and easy to disassemble and assemble for easy wash

Easy to remove conveyor belt with manually

Nuggets and meatball can be produced with different moulds

Technical Specifications:

  • Type: Natural Gas and Electrical optional
  • Electrical Input: 220V, 50-60Hz, Single Phase
  • Engine Power: 0.37KW – 0.50HorsePower x 4 Units


Dimension and Performance:

Product Code Production Performance Oil Tank Capacity        ( Litre) Dimensions LxWxH(cm)
KS64 4000 Times / Per Hour 30±5 Lt (200x84x320) Cm
KS65 5200 Times / Per Hour 45±5 Lt (200x84x410) Cm
KS66 6500 Times / Per Hour 60±5 Lt (200x84x500) Cm
KS67 8000 Times / Per Hour 90±5 Lt (200x84x620) Cm