Vertical Steam Cooking Machine


Stainless Steel Body

3 stage system, cooking, brewing and keeping warm

No need of boiling pan 400 to 500 serving size different types of rice can brew in 30 minutes

health and hygiene harmonizing with silicone gaskets aiding pressure increase

Space saving by various dishes on different shelves

Special heating elements for energy saving and productive use

Safe use with homogeneous heat distribution enabling use many times in same shift

Heat indicator system

Safety water gauge system controlling tank water

Water tank evacuation system with 2 valves

Easy to move with locking wheels at any time


Technical Specifications:

  • Type: Natural Gas and Electrical optional
  • Electrical Input: 220V, 50-60Hz, Single Phase
  • Ben-marie: 10Pcs 1/1 Depth 20cm Capacity


Dimension and Performance:

Product Code Production Performance Dimensions LxWxH(cm)
KS70 500Porsiyon / 30dk. 185x75x72 Cm