Automatic Skewer Kebab and Grill Machine without Skewer


Stainless Steel body and internal fireproof stainless steel

Full-automatic production lines with various capacities

Production line of Traditional hand shape forming and skewer hole without using skewers

Optimal fertile production with no need for a qualified person

Compact and space-saving design

Homogeneous heat distribution grilling equally and smoke free production

Produce smooth and well formed hand shape kebab without pinching

Allowing kebab size and weight adjustment

Smart counter system display

Automatic and manual control system

Easy to wash the parts in contact with meat

Optional cooking and roasting of other foods like tomato, pepper, chicken, fish etc.

Easy to move with locking wheels at any time

Preparation process between 20 to 25 minutes

Technical Specifications:

  • Type: Natural Gas
  • Electrical Input: 220V, 50-60Hz, Single Phase
  • Pneumatic system: 80Lt 2 Cylindir Compressor
  • Pneumatic  :  P max=12 bar/175psi
  • Engine Power : 0.75KW – 1HorsePower x 2 Units
  • Gaz pressure : 15-20 Bar
  • Width adjustment with diversified moulds from 2cm up to 7cm
  • Thickness adjustment with diversified moulds from 5mm up to 20mm


Dimension and Performance:

Product Code Production Performance Dimensions LxWxH(cm) Net Weight Kg
KS50 750Times / Per Hour for 60grams (260x70x190) Cm 380 Kg
KS51 1200Times / Per Hour for 60grams (295x70x190) Cm 450 Kg
KS52 1500 Times / Per Hour for 60grams (360x70x190) Cm 550 Kg